07 October 2012
KAN Sponsor Oil Show serving the MENA Region

24 October 2011 
Show for Oil serving the MENA Region 

10 May 2011               
KAN International Group of Companies launched its new subsidiary KAN Renewables, specializing in Wind and Solar Energy projects.        

08 November 2010  
Marcopolis held and Interview with the CEO of KAN International Petroleum Services      

13 October 2010
KAN International Petroleum Services participated in the MENA Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference as the Main Sponsor   

27 July 2010  
KAN International Group of Companies announced that KAN’s subsidiary, Dijla Energy, trading as ENRAQ , has officially been established in Basra, Iraq.  

30 June 2010     
KAN Energy (Subsidiary of KAN international Group) announced the signing of two major contracts between its principals, China National Electric Wire & Cable (CCC) and National Electric Power Company, Jordan (NEPCO)   

09 March 2010                  
KAN and AAK signed a partnership agreement offering AAK’s top expertise for Rig Inspection, Drilling Support Services, Rig Management Services and HSE Training     

03 February 2010  
KAN Energy signed a contract with SEPCO2, to be their exclusive agent in Jordan    

02 February 2010
KAN Signed a Large Tubular Supply contract with Al-Dallah for their Projects in Iraq               

01 October 2009
KAN Energy signed a contract with CCC to be their exclusive agent in Jordan  

25 September 2009
KAN signed a second tubular contract with AGC for supplying Sumitomo Products.

01 September 2009 
KAN Energy, KAN Energy a Subsidiary of KAN Launches its Regional Services in Amman. 

01 August 2009  
Intelligent Hygiene Solutions, IHS A Subsidiary of its regional services in Amman   

01 June 2009       
KAN Signed Tubular Contracts With AGC To Supply Sumitomo Product      

08 February 2009
Advanced Glass Technology Ltd. AGT a subsidiary of KAN, launched its regional services in Amman       

16 December 2008   
KAN signed an Exclusive Partnership Agreement with Star Catering in Amman.       

23 November 2008     
KAN participated in METEX 2008 (The Tenth Arab Conference for Mineral Resources, Amman)  

15 June 2008    
KAN was appointed by Fast Fusion Supply Holding Ltd &FEM Maritime Ltd      

1 June 2008
KAN - APC Business Agreement  

25 August 2007            
KAN signed an Exclusive Agency Agreement with Nabishi Ltd.  

14 July 2007                
KAN signed a four years Consultancy Agreement with Sonoran Energy Limited.